Contingent Claims Valuation

Responsible Teacher Total Hours
(lecture, tutorials, practical lab)
Erik Taflin 30 3

Teaching Objectives:
to give the students a deepened knowledge of the Theory of Contingent Claims (European and American types) in discrete and continuous time.

Program (3 hours sessions):
1. Reminder of the theory of contingent claims in a mono-period; reminder of discrete time processes.
2. Valuation of contingent claims in the binomial model.
3. Valuation of contingent claims in a general discrete time model (complete and incomplete cases).
6. Reminder of continuous time processes (Itô’s lemma, Girsanov’s theorem).
7. Valuation of contingent claims in continuous time in a Brownian filtration.
Prerequisites: Risk Management in a mono-period financial market and derivatives (M1), Discrete and continuous time stochastic processes (M1).
Evaluation: Final exam of 2 hours


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